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July 2019
Drinking Water Reduces Toxins and Alleviates Inflammation

Drinking Water Reduces Toxins and Alleviates Inflammation

Drinking water is the most important fluid you can ingest to reduce toxins in the body and surprisingly, water is one of the top ways to reduce inflammation as well. Inflammation is a condition which can become chronic in the body if it is. . .


July 2018
Water and the Digestive System

Water and Digestive Health

One of the most beneficial fluids to drink is water so ditch other alcohol or sugar-laden beverages for your body’s benefit. Whether your water is infused with fruits or taken plain, hot or cold, there is absolutely no substitute for it. Not only. . .


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We farm an acreage North of the city the gravel road is not always in the best shape, but I can set my watch by when Kirk delivers to us every two weeks. Without even asking Kirk always brings the bottles and softener salt right in for us and he always has such a cheery attitude. Thank you for caring so much. 

Acreage Owner

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