Water and Consciousness

The all-encompassing importance of water

“Water is the driving force of all nature,” said Leonardo Da Vinci and it’s with us every day of our lives. Water has unique physical-chemical properties compared to other liquids but even more amazing is that water’s properties don’t generally fall into the usual laws of physics. Water exists in three forms: liquid, solid, and gaseous. Water has the smallest molecule, is “unpredictable” and has “memory.”

The structure of water refers to how its molecules are organized. The formation of molecular clusters can change. However, regarding the stability of cluster structures, water is capable of recording and storing information so it’s just like a computer.

Experiments done in countries around the world prove that water receives and makes an imprint of outside influences. While water records information that influences it, water acquires new properties even though its chemical composition remains unchanged. But the structure of water is more important than its chemical composition due to its various reactions to its influences.

Konstantin Korotkov, Doctor of Sciences, Professor Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, did an experiment where he had students focus all of their energy on two glass containers of water using positive and negative thoughts. Water samples were taken and measured resulting in definitive differences in the readings. “Love increases water’s energy levels, and stabilizes the water while aggressive emotions reduce the energy and make radical changes in the water,” explains Korotkov.

In 1995, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author, researcher, and entrepreneur was the first one to record musical impressions on water. Dr. Emoto’s laboratory staff did experiments where they exposed to water outside influences such as different music where each composer’s music formed different crystalline structures. The impressions made upon the water were recorded by quickly freezing it in a cryogenic chamber.

Also discovered by Dr. Masaru Emoto were that positive and negative human emotions have the strongest influence on water. He theorized that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water and he got some surprising results with his water experiments.

Then there was the infamous rice experiment conducted by Dr. Emoto where he placed rice into 3 glass beakers, covered them with water and every day for a month, he said “Thank you,” to one beaker, “You’re an idiot” to the second, and the third one, he completely ignored. After one month, the rice that had been thanked began to foment giving off a strong pleasant aroma. The rice in the second beaker turned black and the rice that was ignored began to rot.

Dr. Emoto also did experiments with spoken words, prayers, typed words, pictures, and videos. It was revealed that various words presented different crystalline structures too. After numerous experiments, two words in combination cleansed water most powerfully, love and gratitude. The response of the crystallized water experiments was stunning, revealing that consciousness and intent do have an effect on water, all water, which is what our bodies are made up of, 70% - 90%, depending on age.

Additionally, water has remarkable self-cleansing features. When it evaporates or freezes, the negative information it has accumulated is released. Therefore, water preserves its basic structure, the program for life, and is regenerative as it goes through a natural purification process.

Water nourishes the body through the drinking process and it’s absorbed through the skin into the body by bathing in it. The brain also needs water to function properly since it’s made up of 85% water.

There are many benefits to obtaining water from a source like a spring that is loaded with natural energy compared to tap water. Tap water moves through a closed loop system. After going through stringent chemical purification, it is then put through filters before it is used in homes. Adding to this, the state and age of the pipes in homes and apartments can also have an effect on the quality of water by the time it is consumed. If water has memory as stated by researchers, then tap water has been subjected to undesirable effects before it even reaches the body.

Every species on earth from the simplest bacteria to mammals cannot exist on earth without water.  Water played a big role in the creation theory and its implementation according to theologians. It created the structure of DNA and proteins, so our bodies would not work without the water. All life begins with water and it can also end with a lack of water. In all of the world’s religions, water is an intermediary that unites man with the Creator. It’s utilized with prayer and associated with purification.

If water is the medium of consciousness, then we should definitely consider drinking enough of it to avoid dehydration because water sustains life and has some amazing properties worth noting for our health and well-being.



Dr. Masaru Emoto’s website

Water – The Great Mystery

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