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February 2021
Water and the Lymphatic System

How Water Ingestion Affects the Lymphatic System

The body receives nutrients from approximately 20 liters of blood plasma. The lymphatic system is comprised of low-pressure vessels which deliver interstitial fluid, the body fluid between blood vessels and cells, to the vascular system. Cleansing. . .


July 2020

Exercise and Water Ingestion

Whether you’re an athlete or an exercise enthusiast, water ingestion is essential before, during, and after exercise. If you are dehydrated before exercise, then it will only worsen during and after exercise if you do not ingest enough water and. . .


March 2020
Water and Migraines

Water and Migraines

Migraines affect people of all ages in different environments and they can be quite unpredictable. The strength and length of time a migraine remains are different for each person. Symptoms of a migraine include: throbbing pain behind both eyes or. . .


February 2020

How Water Eases Constipation

Constipation can be considered mild or severe in people who do not have enough fluids including water and adequate fibre in their diets. Chronic constipation occurs when bowel movements are infrequent, primarily having less than three bowel. . .


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We farm an acreage North of the city the gravel road is not always in the best shape, but I can set my watch by when Kirk delivers to us every two weeks. Without even asking Kirk always brings the bottles and softener salt right in for us and he always has such a cheery attitude. Thank you for caring so much. 

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